Vologda Region consists of 26 municipal Districts and 2 urban Districts of Vologda and of Cherepovets.

Each District is represented in its municipality investment passport to announce its investment reasonability.  It contains information about geographical features, unique history, potential in economy, natural resources and human resources of the Region. The investment passport also describes directions for development and facilities of key sectors of national economy, includes information about industrial infrastructure and administrative resources.

Babaevo District
Babushkinsky District
Belozersk District
Vaskinsky District
Veliky Ustyug District
Verkhovazhsky District
Vozhegodsky District
City of Vologda
Vologda District
Vytegra District
Gryazovets District
Kaduy District
Kichmengsko-Gorodetsky District
Kirillov District
Mezhdurechensky District
Nikolsky District
Nyuksenitsa District
Sokolsky District
Syamzhensky District
Tarnogsky District
Totma District
Ust-Kubinsky District
Ustyuzhna District
Kharovsk District
Chagoda District
City of Cherepovets
Cherepovets District
Sheksna District