With the development of online commerce, there was a need to organize new logistics centers. Vologda region can be a great platform for them.
The advantages of the region are the proximity to Moscow and St. Petersburg - the largest markets, the presence of four federal highways, the Volgo-Baltic waterway, three airports, major railway hubs. Also on Vologodchin created territories with special economic conditions.

According to studies, in 2021 the trends in logistics will be the development of domestic freight and logistics chains (due to closed borders and reduced flow of goods from other countries is expected to increase domestic production); Increased demand for delivery of goods to regions caused by the transition to online purchases and increased consumption in small towns; the rise in the popularity of rail transport due to the increase in the cost of road freight; understanding the importance of delivering the "last mile" - the final stage of delivery to the buyer, for example, from the distribution center to the door.
Such well-known companies as WildBerries, Ozon, Lamoda, Apteka.ru, Emex, Magnet, Tape, Red and White, Fesco, CDEK, DHL, Pony Express can build their logistics centers on Vologodchin. Logistics centers are also needed by manufacturing companies.

Investment platforms for such a business have already been selected by the specialists of the Investment Agency. Logistics centers can be located in Vologda, Sokol, Cherepovets and Vologda districts. All sections are in close proximity to railway tracks or federal highways.

There are tax incentives for investors. With the volume of investments from 50 million rubles for a period of 3 to 5 years will be provided benefits for property, profit, transport tax. You can also get an investment tax deduction. With the amount of capital investments of 100 million rubles and the creation of more than a hundred permanent jobs, it is possible to provide land without an auction.

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